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    The power manufacturer insists on the "user first, honor first" management policy

    Thirteen years of research and development and production of pipe profile opener, and won national high-tech products and other honors.

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    Quality is first for you to produce quality products

    With high quality spare parts, we constantly optimize the product details to make you durable and beautiful products

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    We have a professional technical team of renowned university students

    Adhering to the concept of "good faith and persistence", we will continue to introduce advanced design concept in China

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    Seek survival with quality and seek development with integrity

    Since its establishment, Mingzhou has served more than 3600 customers and cooperated with many well-known enterprises, Mingzhou are worthy of the trust of customers.

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    Quality of survival, technology updates, excellence
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  • Guangdong Zhongshan Zhenghao Shelf Co., Ltd.
  • Hebei Shengzhuo Construction Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch
  • Anti-theft network CNC punching machine
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